A rchitectural WebUI JavaScript SPA Framework

  • Clean, easy-understanding, semantic generated DOM. Use native WEB-technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Bundle all your resources to one file: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, even images with base64

  • On fly localization without page reload

  • Traffic optimized

    Optimized for working on low-bandwidth network, with reduced amount of server requests.

    Thanks for Web Resource Bundle all resource like CSS, HTML, images, fonts, etc fetches only by one sever request

  • High Performance

    All DOM creating operation process in RAM, and in the end render into browser.

  • Use native WEB-technologies

    Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript as you used before. No additional technics need to be learned.

  • On fly localization

    You can switch to any language without page reload. You can localize also any HTML attributes, and CSS.

  • Clean, easy-understanding, semantic HTML

    Thanks for semantic HTML, you get very easy way to inspect rendered code, and write CSS for it.